Teaching in Riga

I was recently invited to teach ATS in Riga, by my friend and fellow dancer Angelfish. This event was particularly fun and exciting for me since Riga is the city I was born in, and it somehow always feels a little magic to return there. Also, I was the first teacher to ever teach American Tribal Style in Riga, maybe even in Latvia, so it was extra fun to bring a new belly dance style to Latvian dancers.

The classes went really well, the students were really fast learners and I am super excited to see how ATS will develop in Riga after this. Hopefully I will soon be able to go back and teach there again.


When it comes to shows, I did my first ever sword dance at Tip The Velvet show with Enchanted forest theme. Haven’t seen any videos or photos yet, but they will be uploaded here as soon as I get them.

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